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There are more women now, than ever before, participating in outdoor and action sports. Paddling out into the lineup, strapping in at the top of a backcountry line, lacing up at the start of a race… Huge numbers of women around the globe – young, elderly and everywhere in between – are joining a community that, until now, has been vastly under-represented in the world of sports. But while active participation is growing like we’ve never seen before, the media hasn’t quite caught up.

To uplift incredible stories of world-class female athletes that are otherwise overlooked. To connect women to women. To show young girls around the world that becoming an athlete, in any discipline, is a viable future. To inspire each one of us to
live a life that is a culmination of chasing dreams and
trailblazing while doing.

The PowHERful exists to give voice to this community.

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AJ McCord

Meet Your Host

A dynamic reporter, host and emcee, AJ McCord is a respected journalist and insider across all sports, with an added expertise in the Olympics and a fierce passion for women’s sports. 

As one of the first female sports talk radio hosts in Portland, Oregon’s history, AJ has never shied away from a story, a moment or an opportunity to dive deeper with an athlete. Her goal is to tell stories that humanize athletes and bring inspiring stories closer to the everyday experience. She has covered everything from professional surfing to pickleball, and has been seen across every major sports network including ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports Network.

Founder of The PowHERful, AJ is here to connect you to some of the most interesting women in sport, and give you an authentic and unfiltered look into their lives and minds.


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What Gets Us Up In The Morning?

You fan of women’s sports, you. Your passion and interest in supporting females in outdoor and action sports gets us SO excited, and inspires us to continue growing and empowering this community.

You’re our cup of joe.

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